Criminal Masterminds: Best Crime Movies Streaming on ahaOTT

For enthusiasts of Telugu crime-thriller cinema eager to immerse themselves in standout films, aha emerges as the premier platform. Subscribing to aha’s OTT service opens the door to acclaimed Telugu hits. This guide acquaints you with these gripping Telugu crime and thriller movies, all available for streaming on aha app. So, go on a voyage through the captivating narratives of these latest Telugu films for a truly immersive cinematic experience.

  1. Addateegala

“Addateegala,” a Telugu mystery thriller, stars Dora Babu, Arjun Kalyan, Vasanthi Krishnan, and Vinay.

Set against the backdrop of a vacation to Maredimilli, the film follows the lives of Abhi and Satya, a software couple, as they encounter unexpected twists. Their tranquil getaway takes a sinister turn with the arrival of a psychopathic killer. Experience the gripping narrative on aha, where a sequence of chilling events unfolds, testing their survival instincts.

ahaapp, the ultimate destination for downloading new Telugu movies, ensures that “Addateegala” maintains its intensity and clarity as envisioned by the filmmakers. Get on a journey to unravel mysteries and immerse yourself in suspense with crime thriller movies Telugu.

  1. Rudrangi

“Rudrangi,” a 2023 Telugu epic directed by Ajay Samrat. It unfolds a mesmerizing tale set in pre-independence Telangana. Featuring stellar performances of Jagapati Babu, Mamta Mohandas, and Ashish Gandhi

The film explores themes of love and loyalty against the backdrop of historical turmoil. The evocative soundtrack by Nawfal Raja Asi enriches the cinematic journey, seamlessly blending action and drama. Despite receiving mixed reviews, “Rudrangi” emerges as a compelling period drama, intricately crafting a narrative of resilience and human emotions amidst societal challenges. Its portrayal of Telangana’s history, combined with its potent storytelling, solidifies its position as a significant contribution to the cinematic landscape.

  1. RaakshasaKavyam

“RaakshasaKavyam,” a Telugu film released in 2023, was produced by Damureddy and Shinganamala Kalyan under the banners of Garuda Productions, Pingo Pictures, and Cine Valley Movies. Directed by Sriman Keerthy, the movie features Naveen Bethiganti, Kushalini, Anvesh Michael, Pawan Ramesh, and Dayanand Reddy in pivotal roles. The teaser, debuted on August 12, 2023, was presented by Balagam Venu, while the trailer was unveiled on September 19 by producer Dil Raju.

The narrative unfolds with the reincarnation of mythological figures Jaya-Vijaya as Ajay-Vijay. Chaitanya, an engineering student, inadvertently gets caught up in the criminal endeavors of these two radicals one fateful night. Caught in the midst of their conflict, he finds himself immersed in a world of peril and suspense. As events escalate, the movie delves into the unexpected twists in his life, shaping a gripping tale of intrigue and uncertainty.

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These three Telugu crime films provide a mere glimpse into the expansive and dynamic world of South Indian cinema. Each film opens the door to cultural intricacies and profound emotions, showcasing the storytelling finesse of the region. So, gather your popcorn and prepare to journey into worldswhere legends spring to life! Enjoy crime thriller movies Telugu, which are available for download on aha. They will leave you craving for more cinematic adventures.